Oil Filter Systems


Better performance, less consumption: In order to fulfil the requirements of modern engines, all engine components must perform at the highest possible levels. The oil circuit is of central importance here, because only clean engine oil can permanently ensure consistent engine performance. If the circulating oil is not permanently freed of impurities and combustion residues, protection from wear is no longer guaranteed and could damage the engine.

Always the right concept
SUZIKLINEoffers customised solutions to meet your requirements:

  • Conventional oil change filters
  • Metal-free environmentally friendly oil filters
  • Complex oil filter systems with  oil pressure regulation
  • Complex oil filter systems with oil cooling, crankcase ventilation or soot particle separation
  • Compact die cast or plastic housing  to optimimize  available space
  • Environmentally friendly oil management in modern combustion engines


SUZIKLINEoffers the widest possible range of filter media with innovative attachments, which are specifically designed based on the application and the engine requirements.   Dirt holding capacities, filter fineness and chemical resistance are several examples of such requirements. We offer many other transmission oil filter and oil centrifuge products.


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