Gas Filter


We offer a range of gas filtration systems for removal of dirt, dust, rust, condensates, moisture contents, oil impurities & exhaust fumes. Filtered gas results low down time & reduces the production loss. These filtration systems are designed depending on their flow requirement, line size, working pressure, working temperature & level of filtration rating. Filter housings can be made of SS 316, SS 304, carbon Steel or aluminum. Filter elements are made of varieties of selective fiber media to achieve desired filtration level.We offer replacement of existing vessels and new design vessels. These are made as per the process requirement to offer high filtration area, lower pressure drop & extended service life of filter element. These filters are available in customized design & capacity to meet particular process parameters.Filter housings for these filters are available in standard design codes like ASME SEC VIII DIV I & other pressure vessel design code stamped upon special request.

Gas Filter

These filters are further classified in three different categories

Particle removal filter (For removal of dirt, dust, rust & other metal

particles up to 1 micron)

»High efficiency filter (For removal of oil & moisture contents and fine particles up to 0.01 micron)

Carbon filter (For removal of oil vapour, test & odour)

Features & Benefits »  High flow rate
»  Low pressure drop due to pleated configuration
»  High efficiency due to surface filtration
»  Reduction in downtime & maintenance
»  Easy to install & remove
»  Choice of filter media & filter housings Technical Specifications

MOC of Housing

»  SS 316, SS 304, MS/CS, Alloy Metals

MOC of Element

»  SS 316L sintered media
»  Stainless steel wiremesh
»  Sintered ceramic
»  Sintered polyethylene
»  Activated carbon
»  Synthetic fiber media
»  Borosilicate glass fiber


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»  CNG & LPG Gas filtration

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»  Nitrogen Gas

»  H2S Gas