Compact Band Filters




Compact Band Filtration System For Coolant Filtration.
Designed & Manufactured in India with World Class Proven Technology, Works on the Principle of Hydrostatic pressure & Gravity with zero leakage in filtration chambers due to perfect sealing. Various Models available for Flow rates ranging from 50 LPM to
2000 LPM for various fluids to be filtered and also custom built systems to suit your application. Filter media available to achieve filtration efficiency as low as 5 microns. This system can be used for dedicated Machines and also for multiple machines Centralised Coolant Filtration System for efficient filtration. Hundreds of Coolant Filtration Systems are already installed all over India and they speak for themselves of the quality & performance achieved.
The Technology and Principle The Compact Band Filtration System consists of two circular disc wheels duly mounted on central pipe connecting to hollow shaft, which keeps rolling on honey comb belt on the Disc axis. Filter media is allowed to pass between the disc wheel and the honey comb belt with no relative motion. Hence perfect sealing is achieved for zero leakage and efficient filtration. The dirty coolant is allowed to enter through the center hollow shaft having multiple pouring slots inside for uniform spread over the filtration bed. Good hydrostatic head results in building up of dirt layer cake which itself enhances the filtration efficiency. As soon as the dirty coolant sensor touches the level, the level sensor signals the geared motor to drive the honey comb belt allowing the new media to pass gradually inside for fresh filtration and at the same time to remove the used media along with the dirt cake. Filtered coolant comes out at the bottom in to the clean coolant tank for pumping back to the machine.
Salient Features
Fully automatic operation. Practically no manpower is needed for operation.
Requires only 20% of the space as compared to Gravity Band Filter and other Conventional Filter Systems. Hence 80% of valuable space is saved.
Can achieve desired filtration efficiency by using appropriate filter media.
High Hydrostatic Head giving high filtration efficiency.
Reduced consumption of filter media saves recurring expenses.
Low Consumption of Electric Power.
High hydrostatic head, Perfect sealing mechanism, hence no overflow giving high filtration efficiency.
Low operating cost, overall economy, wins the heart of end users all over the country.

The most reliable Coolant Filtration System which cuts cost of Operation, Maintenance and Consumables, Builds Confidence, Quality level and helps to achieve high Operating efficiency

Filter Aid & Filter Bags at Suzikline

Filter bags have a feature of having a multi layered polyolefin construction which provides because of which a clean, uniform, efficient filtration at a high level is possible. • It can be used as a household and personal wipes. • It may be used as house wraps and roofing products. • It can be used as automotive headliner and upholstery filters. • It is used to manufacture polypropylene cloth. Filter bags are available in Liquid Filter Bags, MHP Series Filter Bags, Pleated Filter Bags, BP and the BPHE & BN Filter Bags. Suzikline Agencies & Services Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable name for filtration systems in India and South Asia. These filters are used for two purposes or processes. The first purpose deals with separating solid and liquid and the second purpose solves the problem of separation of dust from air and gases. Filtration systems are used in almost all electronic and electrical machines. Suzikline India offers a wide range of Filter Aid including Liquid Filter Bags, MHP Series Filter Bags, Pleated Filter Bags, and BP Filter Bags etc. These Filter Bags are also used in different industries for various other machines. For instance, in Defense Sector, these filters are used in Tanks, Rocket Launchers, Aircrafts and Ships etc and in Automobile Sector; it is used in Cars, Bikes, and etc. Like these two above examples these filters are used in various other industries consisting of Chemicals, Engineering, F&B Dairy, Fertilizer, Metallurgy, Paint, Petro Chemicals, Pharma & Biotech, Power, and Textile etc. There are different types of filters available for different use like Seamless Tube, All Filament, Combo, All Spun, Woolen System, and Shaker Felt etc. Seamless Tube To optimize filtration performance every feature of this structure is engineered with advanced technology. All Filaments It creates a tight, nonporous dust cake ensuing from low fiber population on fabric surface. Today, use of All Filament is less because their durability is lower than that of other varieties of fabric structure. All Spun This is a heavy-duty and strong fabric but at the cost of permeability. It has the propensity to bind with any moisture presence. Combo As the name suggest it is a combination of Filtration characteristics, durability, and cake formation of All Filament and All Spun.