Precision Wound Filter Cartridge

Precision Wound Depth Filter Cartridges are manufactured to give a considerable dirt holding capacity coupled with High Flow Rates and Low Pressure Drop.
Elements consist of a perforated support core of Polypropylene or Stainless Steel on which yarn is wound at a pre-set rate, providing each rating of element with its own distinctive winding pattern and performance. During the winding process, the yarn is usually brushed (or napped). This has the effect of increasing the working area of the elements thus providing them a Higher Dirt Holding Capacitywhilst maintaining the rigid structure.

 Greater Particle Holding Capacity
 Longer Service Life
 Wide Range of Filter Media & Support Core Available
 Wide Range of Filtration Efficiency
 Wide Range of Dimensions Available Based on Your Requirement



Polypropylene Melt Blown Depth Cartridge

Melt Blown Depth Cartridge is a unique depth filter procedure with pure Polypropylene resin, which meets the requirement of the FDA Title 21of the Code of Federal Regulations 177.1520 for direct and indirect food contact. These Filter Cartridges take advantage of the innovated continuous multi-extruded technology and the latest melt blowing Microfiber technology. The Melt blown Microfiber with diameter ranging from 1 to 10 micron are self-bonded and a 3D pore structure is formed. Diameter and density of Microfiber can be varied from inside to outside of the filter diameter.  Melt blown Depth Cartridges are designed to have continuously graded pore structure and provides both Pre-Filtration and Final-Filtration.

 Drinking water system and other water systems.
 Pre-filter to DI & R.O Water system.
 Oil removal industry.
 Food and Beverages Industry.
 Pharmaceutical industry.
 Filtration of electroplating fluids.
 Filtration of medium & low viscosity Fluids and Chemicals.