Fuel Filter Systems – more reliability, less abrasion

Fuel Filter Systems – more reliability, less abrasion

The high-pressure injection systems in modern diesel engines place high requirements on fuel quality.
Due to the increase in injection pressure (to at least 2000 bar) and to growing biodiesel fractions in fuel,
efficient particle and water separation is becoming ever more important for protecting the engine from abrasion.SUZIKLINE fuel filters ensure that impurities and any water contained in the fuel do not damage the engine.
Whether prefilter or main filter, Suzikline offers a comprehensive fuel filtration range for virtually any application – for spark-ignition as well as diesel engines.

Modular fuel filter systems – intelligent solutions for the future

Different requirements demand customised solutions: with innovative filter media and system solutions,
SUZIKLINE fuel filters fulfil even the strictest specifications for the protection of modern diesel engines.
They can also be adapted to the specific properties of alternative fuels like biodiesel.
Depending on customer requirements, modular fuel filter systems can perform a wide range of optional functions. Examples include:
● Water separation
● Detection and discharge fuel preheating to support engine start-up at low temperatures
● Measurement of fuel pressure and temperature by built-in sensors.

Traditional spin-on filter concepts  and housing filter designs from aluminum die cast, deep-drawn sheet metal or
plastic are included in the design, which has been optimized with regard to cost, weight and installation space.


Multilayer filter media – for efficient separation

SUZIKLINE filter media have been developed for diesel and spark-ignition engines and fulfill all requirements of modern fuel filters. The multilayer structure keeps even the finest particles away from the sensitive injection system.
For diesel fuels, there is also a water separation function, which helps avoid corrosion damage to the injection system. Together with the high dirt holding capacity, the MULTIGRADE filter media ensure optimal protection. Fuel filter elements for diesel engines are also often integrated in a modular housing filter system. They are metal-free and can be incinerated without leaving any residue.