Other Industries: Waste Water

Suzikine Water also provide active solutions for the following industries: Healthcare Industry: Wastewater Recycling Aluminium Industry: Wastewater Recycling  Petrochemical: Wastewater Recycling

Mining Tailing Ponds

Modern day mines incorporate a proper management of their slurry tailing wastewater (Tailing Storage Facility) and the related costs, particularly in jurisdiction with well-developed mining regulations and law enforcements. Suzikline’s systems are powerful and efficient solutions that can help mining companies achieve acceptable effluents standards, allowing for discharged water to be recycled for re-injection into production wells.

Municipal Water Treatment

Through our economical and effective solutions, we assist governments in managing water resources to meet human and environmental needs. Our services – notably our ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems – are used with great success by municipalities in the Philippines and Thailand, enabling communities to enjoy safe drinking water and an enhanced household water quality.

In managing municipal water treatment needs, more than just proven solutions are needed. It is also crucial to have a reliable partner, one who will deliver as promised and will stand by your side all the way.

In addition to our leading technologies and solutions, SUZIKLINEempowers our partners to succeed with a flexible array of offerings. These range from single solutions covering conventional water filtration, membrane filtration, clarification and disinfection, to entire custom-designed solutions packaged with integrated services. Our products and services cover – ground water, surface water, and new installations.