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With increased emphasis on environmental conservation, clients seek to use water in more efficient and effective ways. Particularly in the automotive industry, water treatment remains an important consideration. SUZIKLINEULTRA-FLO Reverse Osmosis system and ultrafiltration system will help you control costs, meet production water quality demands and environmental regulations by managing every aspect of your facility’s water. We approach water treatment and usages as a single, integrated system – encompassing point-of-use water purification, distribution, water reuse and water treatment.

designs & Manufacture an extensive range of Filtration systems used in Automobile industry for its Liquid, Gas, Hydraulic & Lube oil and Air Filtration. For its various applications in Press Shop, Body shop, Paint Shop etc.

In Press Shop, washing systems used for cleaning of sheet stock from Coil, prior to the sheet being blanked out and pressed into car body panels; rely on filtration to remove particulates from washing liquids. Filtration has an important role (body shop) in degreasing and pre – treatment process carried out prior to Paint process. Car bodies coming out from the assembly plant will be contaminated by oil, metallic weld splatter and debris. These contaminants will be transferred to the recalculating degreasing liquid during the cleaning process by Filtration. The paint shop Operation for, achieving high quality paint finishing E coat process is done. E coat process required to remove the poorly dispersed paint, hardened resin, skin fragments & general debris.

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