SuziklineIndia manufactures a wide range super quality Filters including Coolant Filters, Cartridge Filters, Disposable Filters, Sinter Metal Filters, Brake Lining Filters andCompact Band Filters etc. These various filters are used for a number of purposes.

Coolant Filter

To maximize the life of coolant and thereby minimize the possibility of changing coolant system cost it is imperative to maintain machine tools free of tramp oil and solid matter. Thus, use of Coolant Filters helps you solve both purposes. 

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are used for removing contaminants through a variety of media according to your application. The Filter Media of suzikline Cartridge includes a range of sand, anthracite and quartz to condition media for iron and manganese removal. 

Disposable Filter

These Filters are stacked disc filters developed for the elimination of particles and microorganisms from liquids and gases. Its stacked disc design is swift and has particle flaking that makes them perfect choice. Disposable filters are made from Durapore PVDF membranes which provide high density of flow, less extractable, and wide chemical compatibility.

Sinter Metal Filter

Sintered Metal Filters are made from bronze, brass, stainless steel powders through powder metallurgy process. These filters are suitable for filtration of liquid and gases. These sinter metal filters have solid form and provide strong resistance against high temperature. 

Brake Lining Filter

Brake lining Filter is a consumable surface in braking system. It is mostly used in Drum Brakes and Shoe Brakes which provide better friction. 

Compact Band Filter

With its high hydrostatic head Compact Band Filter provides high filtration activity and consumes less energy. Compact band filters are automated which means it does not need any manpower.

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