Filtration system

Suzikline India is a reliable name in manufacturing of high-quality filtration systems including Beer Filtration, Liquid Filtration, Automotive Filtration, Hot Gas Filtration, Polymer Filtration and Steam Filtration etc.

  • Beer Filtration
  • Liquid Filtration
  • Automotive Filtration
  • Hot Gas Filtration
  • Polymer Filtration
  • Steam Filtration


Liquid Filtration

Liquid filtration is the process of removing solids from liquids by gushing the impure liquid with the help of a filter medium that will remain the solid particles and permit the clean liquid to flow in. A liquid filter is developed to take out impurities that are present in liquids. Use of Liquid Filters assist in cleaning and purifying a product for adding life to piping by eradicating corrosive elements that brings erosion. Liquid filters are also used to eliminate bacteria and other harmful elements from liquid.

Steam Filtration

Use of steam in cleaning, sterilizing and heating is universally used but this steam filtration process needs to be finely filtered to eradicate maximum amount of impurities created by the boiler. The steam is used for heating food or beverages through direct injection are popular as Culinary Steam. Steam filtration assists in averting fouling of serious orifices and components, contamination of food and beverage food, contamination of sterile, rise process output and untimely roadblock of downstream filters.

Hot Gas Filtration

Hot Gas Filtration is also popularly known as Hogfish in industries where it is used. Hogfish is tailor-made engineered technology which filters hazardous particles. Hogfish uproots difficult particles from the production airstream. Hot gas filtration system assists in averting downstream clogs and lessening maintenance cost. Apart from that this system uses a specialized automatic cleaning roller that bring machined teeth in use to clear the belt openings and put the particle matters inside hopper for worry-free cleaning.

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