Coolant Effective Flitration Solution in Coolant and other Solid – liquid Separation

Coolant filtration is one of the specific but versatile application in liquid – Solid filtration . due to wide range of application ,manufacturing process, norms and conditions required for various operation , various coolants being used , part of various material of construction , various filtration efficiency , various process parameters and customized requirement we need to select the right kind of filtration system which will ensure desired filtration , in terms of quantum , micron rating , with cost effectiveness, taking care of health and environment and so on .

Concept of hydro filter liquid Solid filtration system is a combination of hydro static head of the liquid and other filtration process with multilevel, depth as well surface filtration with additional features to make the system.

compatible with pressure , vacuum and separation process m which ensures the maximum efficiency with minimum recurring expenses.

Controlled Consumption of filter media through more sophistcasted PMDC as well as AC motor and (ICP) innonative control panel depending upon the coolant viscosity, particle size , and required filtration rate, filtrate volume we can decide the speed and hence filter media control is achieved.

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