Carbon Cartridges

Carbon Cartridges
Carbon block cartridges are designed for high effective filtration of water for certain VOC’S, pesticides, chlorine, odor & test & sediment reduction down to 5 micron. These cartridges are manufactured entirely from FDA compliance materials. They are suitable for potable water filtration, as well as many industrial, commercial & food service applications.Its nominal filtration rating makes it excellent for polishing filters of pre filters in applications which require very fine filtration. These cartridges are effective at filtering giardia & cryptosporidium cysts from potable drinking water.

Features & Benefits

» High lodine value
» High flow rate
» High dirt holding capacity
» Greater chlorine removal efficiency
» Good Oil adsorption mediumType of carbon filters
» Activated coal carbon
» Coconut shell carbon


» Filter media Bonded Powdered activated carbon
» End caps Polypropylene
» Outer wrap Polypropylene
» Netting Polypropylene
» Gaskets Buna N

Technical Specifications

» Sizes 10”, 20” 30”, 40”
» Micron Rating 5, 10 Micron
» Standard Outside Diameter 64mm , 116 mm
» Inner Diameter 28 mm


» Food & Beverages Bottled water, Flavors, Polishing Lines
» Pharmaceuticals Membrane prefilter
» Water Treatment Membrane Protection, Resin Trap
» Edible Oil Mineral Oil

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