Hi-Efficiency Bi-Directional Flow Filter Bags



Our Hi-efficiency Bi-directional Flow bags feature 85% more filter surface area, dual directional flow, and improved flow rates.
This line of product consist of an outer bag and an inner bag. The total filter surface area increases by 85% compared to conventional single profile bags. During operation, both bags participate in filtration simultaneously, so that flow rate can be easily doubled. Refer to illustration . Dual flow bag is not new in filtration industry. What differentiates us from competitors’ is our innovative REMOVABLE inner strainer basket design. Refer to illustration II. In conventional design of strainer basket for dual-flow bags, the inner basket is welded inside outer basket. Not only it requires customers to invest in specialized baskets but also it makes the installation of filter bags a demanding task.
Our innovative design allows customers to utilize their existing standard baskets. The inner basket is REMOVABLE and NOT welded inside the outer basket. To install a Bi-Directional bag, all operators need to insert the removal inner basket into the Bi-Directional bag, hang two tie-knobs located on the bag bottom onto inner basket handles, and install the assembled bag into the outer basket. Because the bottom of the bag is tied onto the inner basket, the operator can easily install the bag, but the design successfully prevents bag twisting caused by liquid back flush. Refer to Illustration II.


» FDA compliant non-woven felt. 100% free of silicon contamination
» Single & multiple layer depth media composites
» 1 ~ 200 micron range, nominal rating
» Patented SDS & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings
» Wide chemical compatibilities
» Fiber migration & extractable free media treatment
» Large contaminant retention capacities, extended service lives
» Change-out differential pressure 0.10 MPa, Max. 0.16 MPa

Product Categories

Polypropylene Bags, Bi-directional Flow
Polyester Bags, Bi-directional Flow

Typical Applications

Auto coating & paint Water purification & processing
Pharmaceutical Food & beverage
Bulk & fine chemicals Electronics

Technical Specification

Size Media
Availability Media
Category Seam
Treatment Length
(mm) Diameter
(mm) Filter Area
(m²) Volume(Litre) Housing Used

Size 1 PP, PE Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 420 180 0.25 8.0

Size 2 PP, PE Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 820 180 0.50 17.5

Size 3 PP, PE Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 230 100 0.09 1.5

Size 4 PP, PE Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 380 100 0.15 2.5

Size 5 PP, PE Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 510 150 0.25 8.0

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