Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags-Standard Class


» Easy for Installation : Its SDS Seal easily fits within the cage.
» Double Seal : Double seals to prevent liquid bypass.
» Pressure Seal : Much advanced than traditional design;
mechanical seal design.
» Collapse Free : Thick wall design to resist deformation
under excessive pressure
» Universal Compatibility : Fits and seals in most brands
of standard bag housings.


» Exclusively FDA compliant; monofilament mesh
» High tensile strength, reusable
» 5 ~ 1,200 micron range, absolute rating
» Patented SDS & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings
» Change-out differential pressure 0.10 MPa, Max. 0.16 MPa

Product Categories

Nylon Monofilament Mesh Bags, Standard Class
Polyester Monofilament Mesh Bags,Standard Class

Made up of monofilament mesh. Heat setting process for
manufacturing applied. This ensure there will be no fiber

Typical Applications

Auto coating & paint Water purification & processing
Pharmaceutical Food & beverage

mesh bags

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