Pleated Micron felt Filter Bags

Pleated Felt Bags           

» Easy for Installation : Its SDS Seal easily fits within the cage.
» Double Seal : Double seals to prevent liquid bypass.
» Pressure Seal : Much advanced than traditional design;
mechanical seal design.
» Collapse Free : Thick wall design to resist deformation
under excessive pressure
» Universal Compatibility : Fits and seals in most brands
of standard bag housings.
» Increased filter surface area by 250% compared to industrial standards
» Significantly improved flow rate and reduced pressure drop
» Significantly increased contaminant retention capacities &
extended service lives
» Exclusively FDA compliant filter media.
» Multiple layer depth media composites
» 1 100 micron range, nominal rating
» Patented SDS & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings
» Wide chemical compatibilities
» Fiber migration & extractable free media treatment
» Change-out differential pressure 0.12 MPa, Max. 0.20 MPa
» Recommended flow rate: #1 @ 10 MT/Hr, #2 @ 22 MT/Hr
Product Categories
 Polypropylene Composite Bags, Pleated
FCIEXP – Polyester Composite Bags, Pleated
Consist of a series of pleated micron felts with depth graded pore opening structure. The filter surface area is 2.5 times larger than industrial standards & its filter media depth is eight times thicker. With Improvisation in both the filter surface area and filter media depth, dirt holding capacity and flow rate can be improved significantly
Typical Applications
Auto coating & paint  Water purification & processing
Pharmaceutical Food & beverage
Bulk & fine chemicals Petro-chemical
Wastewater treatment Fine chemicals
Technical Specification
Filter Area
Volume(Litre) Housing Used
Size 1 PP, PE Micro Felt Ultrasonic Welded 420 180 0.63 8.0
Size 2 PP, PE Micro Felt Ultrasonic Welded 820 180 1.25 17.5
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