Polypropylene Absolute Filter Bags

» Easy for Installation : Its SDS Seal easily fits within the cage.
» Double Seal : Double seals to prevent liquid bypass.
» Pressure Seal : Much advanced than traditional design;
mechanical seal design.
» Collapse Free : Thick wall design to resist deformation
under excessive pressure
» Universal Compatibility : Fits and seals in most brands
of standard bag housings.


» Exclusively FDA compliant Polypropylene microfiber matrix, Silicon
free. Non-foaming. Low TOC content
» Multiple layer depth composites matrix
» 0.5 ~ 50 micron range. 98% absolute rating
» High oil adsorbent capabilities. Capable of adsorbing and
retaining trace oil upto twenty-five times of APMs’ own dry weight.
» Patented SDS & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings
» Wide chemical compatibilities
» Fiber migration & extractable free media treatment
» High flow rate, low pressure drop
» Recommended flow rate: #1 @ 6 MT/Hr, #2 @ 12 MT/Hr
» Change-out differential pressure 0.12 MPa, Max. 0.20 MPa

Product Categories

Polypropylene Composite Matrix Bags, Absolute Class

Typical Applications

Auto coating & paint Water purification & processing
Pharmaceutical Food & beverage
Bulk & fine chemicals Petro-chemical
Wastewater treatment Fine chemicals

Technical Specification

Size Media
Availability Media
Category Seam
Treatment Length
(mm) Diameter
(mm) Filter Area
(m²) Volume(Litre) Housing Used

Size 1 PP Matrix Ultrasonic Welded 420 180 0.63 8.0

Size 2 PP Matrix Ultrasonic Welded 820 180 1.25 17.5

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