Resin-Bonded Filter Cartridge

Filter Cartridge Resin Bonded

RB (Resin-Bonded) Cartridge is produced from cellulose fibers, which have been intrinsically bonded together by a melamine resin, to create a solid highly durable & porous structure. By treating the fibers in this fashion we can ensure a stronger cartridge that is less likely to collapse than a wound or pleated cartridge.

Features & Benefits

» Free of surfactants, binders and adhesives
» Excellent flow with low pressure drop
» High dirt holding capacity
» Temperature limit 4.4 Deg C to 93.3 Deg C
» Longer service life


    RBCM   Diameter of cartridge   Micron Rating   Length Of Cartridge
    Resin Bonded Cellulose Melamine   68 MM   001 Micron   10″ Length
            005 Micron   20″ Length
            010 Micron   30″ Length
            025 Micron    40″ Length
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